Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Irish Stout Stew

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St. Patrick's Day is coming and it's coming soon! Every year, on St. Patrick's Day, I make a corned beef and cabbage dish, Irish soda bread and my husband has a few Guinness' to go along with the meal. This year, I decided that I wanted to make a couple of other Irish dishes leading up to the big day! Luckily, my local grocery store had 6 packs of  Guinness for only $5.99! That is an amazing price and I feel much less guilty for using it in my recipes! I was browsing around on... wait for it... Pinterest (of course!) and I found a bunch of delicious looking recipes for Irish stew using Guinness, so I took this one from Martha Stewart and tweaked it just a tiny bit until I had the recipe I wanted to use and let me just say... it was perfect! Thick, hearty and super flavorful. After you've finished it, you will no doubt be singing that ever-so-popular song from Yo Gabba Gabba! "I tried it, and now I like it!!" So do it. Try it... because you're going to like it!

Guinness Stew Recipe:   |Print Recipe|

3.5 pounds Chuck Roast (cut into 1" cubes)
1/4 cup flour
12 ounces tomato paste
4 large carrots (cut into 1" long chunks)
1 large onion or two smaller ones (cut into 1" pieces)
2.5 pounds red potatoes (halved)
15 ounces Guinness Extra Stout Beer
2.5 cups Beef Broth
10 cloves of garlic (sliced)
1 bag (16 ounces) frozen peas
Salt & Pepper

Preheat your oven to 350 degrees. 

In a large pot (oven safe) or dutch oven, heat about 2 tablespoons of oil. Add beef, season with salt and pepper and flour to coat. Allow the beef to sear and brown for about 4 minutes, toss around and sear for another 3-4 minutes, or until beef is a nice, deep brown color.

Over medium heat, stir in tomato paste and mix. Add carrots, onions, potatoes, garlic, beer and broth. Season with more salt and pepper and bring to a boil.

Put the lid on the pot and place it in the oven. Cook for 2.5 hours, or until meat is nice and juicy.

Once you remove the pot from the oven, add in your peas and stir. If your stew looks a little too thick, you can add in 1/2 cup-1 cup of water.

Season with more salt and pepper.

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  1. Any true Irishman will tell you it's not Irish Stew unless it has lamb in it.

    1. Well luckily this stew isn't claiming to be Irish stew ;) It's Irish STOUT Stew! It's the stout that's irish, not the stew! hehe.


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