Saturday, June 15, 2013

Father's Day Gift Ideas {For the Kitchen} - SodaStream Genesis Review

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If your household is like my household then you probably always have soda in your fridge. My husband is a huge fan of soda. Any soda! He just looooves soda! We spend a lot of money on soda and I know if I were to add it all up it would make me feel sick to my stomach! Luckily for us, we got to test out the SodaStream Genesis and seriously... it's awesome. I had seen the SodaStream around and had heard some people talking about how they just loved it, but until I actually tried it, I just didn't fully understand how completely amazing and simple it really is. 

In the box you will find your SodaStream Genesis base, a 60 liter "carbonator", 2 carbonating bottles and a 12 flavor variety pack. The base is fairly light, but once you attach your carbonator it gets much heavier. The bottles and thick and sturdy and each can hold 1 liter of soda.

One of the great things about the SodaStream is that  it's super easy to use! I mean... there's really nothing to it. Once you've installed your "carbonator" into the base unit, you add water (tap water is just fine!) to the fill line on your bottle, screw your bottle into the base, press the carbonating button 3 times and unscrew. That will give you fizzy, carbonated water!

It looks really awesome when you press the button! It makes me want to press it more than 3 times... But I don't. 

Once you've carbonated your water you can pick one of the 12 sample packs that come with the kit. We have tried them all now and our personal favorites are the Dr. Pete, Root Beer, Orange and Fountain Mist! We were completely surprised by how great they tasted! For some reason when we pictured it, we thought they would taste more like watered down soda... and it doesn't at all! It's just as good, if not better than big name brands' soda! 

See how dark it is? That means it's good! This bottle represents money saved in my eyes! Depending on how often you use your SodaStream, you should only have to refill your carbon tank once every couple of months and all you have to do is take it to Target, Walmart, Bed, Bath and Beyond or one of the other stores that fills the tanks! Bed, Bath and beyond sends out 20% off coupons all the time, so if you use one of those you can save some money!

One of my favorite things about owning a SodaStream is that I don't have to lug those heavy 2 liters or 24 packs of soda into my cart, into my car, and into my house! Score! That makes it all worth it right there. Plus, hubby loves being able to choose a different soda flavor whenever he wants. Pretty awesome if you ask me!


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