Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Coffee Bean Direct Review & GIVEAWAY

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Nothing is better than a nice cup of hot coffee on a cool morning, am I right? Wait, a hot cup of coffee paired with a delicious piece of chocolate cake for dessert is pretty good, too... Oh, and sipping on a cup of coffee and chatting with friends in the afternoon is pretty nice, also... Let's just agree that coffee is good at pretty much any time during the day. And, let's face it, almost everyone loves coffee! I can count on one hand the people I know who don't like or drink coffee. 

It seems like nowadays most people are really starting to appreciate good food and beverages. More and more people are becoming self-proclaimed "foodies" and the world is becoming a far more delicious place. Most stores are starting to carry more options for what they deem "gourmet" coffee, but the selections are still pretty limited and the product isn't really "gourmet." If you're looking for gourmet coffee, then gosh darnit you should have gourmet coffee (yes, I just said that and, no, I can't believe I did.)

 So, if you're a coffee-lover, coffee-strongly-liker, coffee-appreciator or just someone who enjoys the occasional cup of delicious gourmet coffee and likes to shop in the comfort of your own home, then I have the perfect solution for you... Let me introduce you, my dear friends, to Coffee Bean Direct coffee!

Coffee Bean Direct offers over 100 different varieties of delicious gourmet coffee (and 70 varieties of tea) that are roasted in-house and packaged by hand! Yes, you heard right... by hand. The people over at Coffee Bean Direct seem to be very down-to-earth and awesome. They even have a special section on their site telling about how much they love dogs (I thought that was pretty cool.) This is definitely the kind of company I want to get my coffee from! Here is some of the information they display on their site, which I thought was just great:

I had the pleasure of testing out two of Coffee Bean Direct's amazing coffees and I was thoroughly impressed! So was my coffee-loving husband! We have tested and enjoyed these coffees over the past few weeks now and we are still in love!

 The Organic Fair Trade Dark Brazil Nossa Senhora De Fatima (wow, that's a mouthful) is one of their most popular coffees and was extremely smooth and not overly bitter. We found that it was delicious with a splash of cream, but enjoyed it more without. The coffee is known for having bold flavors, but it still manages to remain smooth and balanced. 

The Dark Sulawesi Kalossi is another dark coffee with a low-acidity. It seems that the Mr. and I are fond of lower-acidity, dark coffees with bold flavors. This one is currently being enjoyed by my dear, sweet husband every morning before work. It definitely does the job of waking him up and starting his day off in a great mood. Which is a big plus!


If you'd like the opportunity to WIN 1lb of Your Choice Coffee Bean Direct coffee, then enter below on the rafflecopter form! Make sure to thank them on Facebook for this giveaway and if you're a dog lover, too, let 'em know :)!

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**I received free products from Coffee Bean Direct for review. All opinions and views are 100% my own. The giveaway is also sponsored by Coffee Bean Direct**


  1. I would like to try the Italian Roast Espresso.

  2. I'd like to try the Danish Blend.

  3. I'd love to try Pumpkin Spice for the holidays. bjn1957{at}gmail{dot}com

  4. Love the dark stuff. Dark Ethiopian Yirgacheffe

  5. I'd like to try the six bean espresso. It sounds different!

  6. I would love to try their Jamaican Blue Mountain


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