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Diddles & Dumplings' Top 12 Recipes of 2013

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2013 was, by far, one of my favorite years food-wise for the blog. Some of my best recipes came about last year and you all were so encouraging and supportive! Thank you so much for all of your messages, emails and comments! I love you all so much and love that we get to talk about food, recipes and well,  just be foodies together!

To bring in 2014 the right way, I've compiled a list of Diddles & Dumplings' Top 12 "Most-Loved" Recipes from 2013 to highlight some of the year's deliciousness. I've picked out the recipes that YOU loved, pinned and shared the most! Oh, and since everyone does Top 10 lists I thought i'd stand out from the crowd a little and offer up an extra 2 recipes! You're welcome ;) 

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1.  Santa Fe Chicken Dip was by far the year's most popular recipe. With over 100,000 views in less than a year, it was pretty much an internet sensation!

2. Pumpkin Pie Cake quickly became one of your favorite recipes for the Fall. I got countless compliments and tons of people telling me what an easy & delicious recipe this is! 

3.  Chicken & Cheese Stuffed Anaheim Peppers are quickly becoming one of the year's most popular D&D recipes. They're low-carb, cheesy & extremely flavorful! 

4. Want a new twist on Mac & Cheese? This Beer Mac & Cheese With Bacon recipe will have your tastebuds doing cartwheels, triple flips, and even possibly some handstands ;)

5. One of my favorite creations was this Creamy Buffalo Chicken Bake! Just looking at it makes my mouth water! Once you've tasted it you will crave it -- I promise!

6. Ginger Sage Pork Stew is s hearty little dish that is a great fall and winter dish that will keep you nice and warm during those cold, cold nights.

7. Our favorite breakfast of all time is this extremely cheesy, extremely filling Sausage Breakfast Casserole. It's a great simple breakfast idea that the whole family will love!

8. Easy one skillet meals are some of the best meals for busy weeknights! This Beefy Crunch Skillet will leave you with very few dishes to clean afterwards!

9. This moist, delicious, buttery Chocolate Chip Banana Cake is an adaptation of my mom's recipe growing up. It's a classic, foolproof recipe that will have you going back for seconds and thirds and probably even fourths.

10. Do you love smoothies? This Peanut Butter Brownie Batter Smoothie isn't exactly "healthy" by any means, but it's full of delicious chocolatey brownies, m&m's and brownie batter!

11. Looking for something a little "different" to serve your guests? These Crispy Ham Bites With Cheddar Beer Dipping Sauce will "wow" anyone with a heartbeat. 

12. One of my hubby's favorite recipes from 2013 is this Orange Beer Chicken! A fun, flavorful and different way to prepare boring old chicken thighs! Give it a try sometime and watch as it quickly becomes one of your "regular" dinners.

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