Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Printable "Hoppy Valentine's Day" Frog Valentines

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The big day of love is only a few days away! I'm not one of those people that go on and on about how Valentine's day is a made-up holiday that the Card companies invented... even if they did... I love any chance to be able to show my family that I love them and I take advantage of all of those times! I usually just use them as an excuse to be creative and have a little fun!

This year, instead of the traditional store-bought Valentine cards, my daughter decided that we should make something special for her class. After all, she is in 2nd grade now. That's kind of a big deal, you know. So, as we were browsing through the Valentine's day section at Target, my daughter noticed this cute little bag of stretchy frogs and she fell in love. She is obsessed with little gooey objects, like those sticky things you get from the quarter machine... you know the ones. She has about a thousand of them yet she will still ask for them on our trips to the grocery store. So, in her adorable little child mind, these were the perfect Valentine gift, and I was pretty thrilled to be getting something other than candy this year (yay!)

We decided that these bright little froggy fellows needed a sweet green, heart-shaped lily pad to sit on until they found their way to their new homes. So, we created a super cute one and now have a cute little 3" x 3.5" Valentine that you can also use if you're looking for something cute & something other than candy this year! I hope it brings you lots of "hoppiness" on this wonderful Valentine's day! ;)

Hope you all have a fabulous Valentine's Day! Much love to you all!

(Just use a little tape to attach the froggies to their lily pad!)

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