Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Dr. Seuss Party

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Okay, so... This weekend was my baby boy's 1st birthday and it was both my FAVORITE party ever and my least favorite party ever! Weird right?! First off, let me just say that I can hardly believe my baby is already a whole year old! Time is just flying by and it's making me so sad! Then, let me say that this party was absolutely AMAZING but it was also the most stressful party ever. We had a lot of last-minute things that went wrong that led to me wanting to pull my hair out, but in the end it all came together and it was so much fun!

The party was Dr. Seuss themed and I enjoyed collecting all of the little odds and ends and special touches that made this party extra super adorable!

Let's start with a picture of the Birthday Boy! I made him this hat from some striped scrapbook paper I found at Michaels and I just so happened to have some of the blue fuzzy stuff left from a purse I knitted a while back! Isn't he cuuuuute? Unfortunately he wouldn't sit still long enough for me to tie the hat...

Every 1st Dr. Seuss Birthday needs a Dr. Seuss Birthday Banner! Am I right, or am I right?

The main color scheme of the party came from these adorable 1st birthday plates I found at Celebrate Express! Teal, yellow & red! They are pretty much my favorite colors ever! :)

I found an adorable Cat in the Hat and a Dr. Seuss "Happy Birthday, Baby!" book online and Birthday Express had custom Dr. Seuss 1st birthday centerpieces where you could include a photo of your baby! Loved it! 

You can also see on the right side towards the back I created a game called "Horton Hatches The Egg" and I used leftover plastic Easter eggs, filled them with some candy and in one of them I placed a picture of the little elephant bird that hatches in the end of the Horton Hatches the Egg book! The person who found it was the winner! I thought it was a pretty clever little game, and a great way to get rid of some of those extra plastic eggs! :)

I happened to stumble across these Dr. Seuss themed water bottles in the Target dollar section a few months back, so I snagged a bunch for party favors! They were so cute!

I put together a cute little treat bag filled with blue & red jolly ranchers, a colorful sucker and a Dr. Seuss pencil & eraser along with a note that read: "Just a little note to say, thanks for coming to Corbin's 1st Birthday!"

The park where we had the party had one giant, amazing place to put all of our food, party favors and other fun stuff! It was perfect!

As you can see here we had blue & red kool-aid bottles for the kids, 1 Fish, 2 Fish... Golfish crackers (of course!) with the book right next to it...

The goldfish were so pretty and colorful! I found a scoop in the Target dollar section that worked perfectly for serving the cute little crackers!

I tried to have as many of the books out next to the snacks... like Hop on Pop, which was next to a bowl full of individual bags of buttery popcorn! 

The Lorax along with his Lorax cuties. They were so easy to make and they were definitely one of my favorite things from the whole party! Everyone loved them! All you do is glue a couple of googly eyes onto a cutie and cut out a yellow felt Lorax mustache! He also had some of his Bar-ba-loot friends along with him (those little chocolate teddy graham cookies!) I found all the super cute green bowls (for the cuties and the bar-ba-loots) at my local Dollar Tree store!

What Seuss party would be complete without Green Eggs & Ham?? I also found the deviled egg trays at my local Dollar Tree store!

For the main course we grilled up a ton of those giant Costco Hot Dogs! Soooo good! Plus, I was able to make a "Go, {Hot} Dog, Go!" label for them to tie them in with the Seuss theme!

To go along with the Go, {Hot} Dog, Go! Hot dogs we had Diffendoofer Potato Salad and Poodles Eating Noodles (Macaroni salad!) Bowls and adorable (ice cream) scoops found in the Target Dollar Section (the bowls were $3, scoops $1)

Now, this Grinch punch you see was one of the tastiest elements of the whole party! To make it I used 2 containers of orange sherbet, about 3 cups of pineapple juice and half a 2 liter of sprite! I made sure all of the sherbet was well incorporated into the punch, then I put in a little green food coloring to get it to a nice, Grinchy green! The final touch was to add a bunch of dollops of cool whip to the top! It was delicious and everyone raved about it!

I found these cookies that just so happened to have our color scheme at the grocery store! Score!

I had our local Save Mart create the birthday cake (they always do our cakes!) and they seriously did such an amazing job with this one! It was completely perfect! 

Baby boy had a smash cake to match and... well... he smashed it! Then he stabbed it with his cotton candy cone...

In case you were wondering where the cotton candy cone came from... we rented a giant cotton candy machine! Best. Decision. Ever. I had so much fun making cotton candy for all the kids (and adults!) And, even though it was my first time making cotton candy, I think I did a pretty good job ;) Plus, I enjoyed eating all the little pieces of cotton candy out of my hair later that night! Juuuuust kidding. But, really, my hair was full of the stuff!

He really loved it, though. And yes... he was incredibly sticky afterwards... but he was so, so happy!

Now, that's one happy little birthday boy, wouldn't you say? He loved his party and so did I and everyone else who attended. It was such a memorable day and we were lucky enough to have our closest friends and our family there to celebrate with us! :) I hope these pictures can help inspire you to throw your own Seuss party for your kids! It's a great theme,  for boys & girls, with lots and lots of colorful elements and fun themed food ideas! I highly recommend it! :)

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  1. What an adorable birthday party theme! I've always loved Dr. Seuss, and those colors surely cannot be beat. Great photos, and (no doubt!) great memories!


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