Friday, May 16, 2014

Mary's Secret Ingredients - 2014 Spring Box Review

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So, recently I was asked to review a box filled with kitchen-themed goodies called "Mary's Secret Ingredients." It's basically a box filled with a bunch of delicious items that will inspire you in the kitchen! As soon as I heard about it I was pretty excited to see what would be inside...

These boxes are seasonal, which means that they are released in Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. You can order all of the boxes, or just pick one. Whatever floats your boat! Each box is priced at $25.95, but the best part is that 10% of the annual profits for Mary's Secret Ingredients boxes are donated to Feed the Children. Very cool! 

Let's take a look at the Spring 2014 box, shall we?

The packaging is adorable. Blue tissue paper and wrapped perfectly. Love!

At first glance everything looks great! Lots of different products that all look very delicious.

FLATHAU’S FINE FOODS Chipotle Cheese Straws: These were the first things I went for once I opened up the box. I'm a sucker for cheesy snacks and these sounded divine! The chipotle gave it just the right amount of kick without being overwhelming! Loved them!

Quadratinis, Hazelnut or Dark Chocolate Flavors: My daughter and I polished these off together and we enjoyed every crispy, chocolatey second of it. These were so good! I'm kind of a dark chocolate freak, so these were right up my alley. Double love!

SWEETWATER SPICE COMPANY'S Fajita Bath: I really liked the name of this one... "Fajita Bath." Not Fajita Marinade, or Fajita Sauce... Fajita Bath! We love fajitas, so I know this will be fun to use on some yummy steak fajitas! I'm kind of excited about it :)

NUESKE’S Applewood Smoked Landjaeger Sausages: I'm going to be honest... I've never heard of a "Landjaeger." I figured they were some sort of preserved meat, like salami or summer sausage and... well... they pretty much are! They have great flavor and I can only imagine how yummy they would be served up with some cheese and crackers!

HARMONIAN Oregano From Wildcrafted Plants: Don't get me wrong... I love herbs! I love Oregano... I just... Have so much Oregano in my cabinet that this adorable little vile was kind of overlooked. It's super cute, though.

CALMER SUTRA TEA Ginger Infused Honey: Ginger infused honey... it's good! Very, very strong. But good. My hubby will really like this!

CALMER SUTRA TEA  Peppermyntle Tea: Tea! I've never been much of a tea fan, but I really want to be. Maybe this will be the tea to push me over... I love the smell! Peppermint leaves, lemon and myrtle. Smells so fresh!

Overall, the box is fun and the value of the products inside is definitely well over the $25.95 price tag! Some of the products I'm not over-the-moon excited about, but some of them were just perfect! I'm sure it would be the same with the other boxes as well. I would definitely like to see some interesting and different herbs, maybe even some unique veggies or fruits and some cool seasonings! I think that would be great and definitely inspiring :)

These boxes would be great to give as a gift to one of your foodie friends or family members... or even just for yourself! It's always fun to get a delicious surprise in the mail, don't you think?

So, if you'd like to order one (or all!) of these yummy boxes to try out for yourself (or as a gift) head over to Mary's Secret Ingredients. You can also follow them on Facebook.

Be sure to check out their blog for yummy ways to use these special ingredients! :)

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