Monday, July 28, 2014

After School Snacks for Kids {Picnic at the Park!}

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If you, like me, have school-aged kids, you know how important an After School Snack is to them. My daughter always seems to come home starving after school, and pretty much the first thing she says to me when I pick her up is "What's my snack today?" It seems like I spend {approximately} 82.75% of my time trying to think of snack food ideas for my daughter because she gets tired of the same old thing day after day. Not the best use of my time!

Plus, now, because we have a new "routine" after school, the snacks have to be something I can easily pack to take to the park for our "After School Picnic." One of the best parts about our neighborhood is that it's right around the corner from my daughter's school and there is an adorable park right between our house and the school. To my daughter this is the best thing in the world because it means that she has a new, fun place to eat her snacks and she can go play on the swings after she's done. Could life get any better for a 7-year-old?

While we were picking up a few things at Walmart the other day, we stumbled into the freezer section and took a look around for some easy to make snacks. My daughter wanted the Bagel Bites because she said she has loved them ever since her school served them for lunch one day, and I wanted the Delimex beef & cheese Taquitos because, well, they looked delicious... Plus, I knew these would be an easy-to-eat, not-so-messy snack for my 14-month-old.

As you can see, she was pretty thrilled about these snacks.

I love having my freezer stocked! Right now it's full of veggies, popsicles and, now, these easy to make snacks!

Not only are Bagel Bites delicious and cute, they are also made with real cheese, homemade sauce and they have 0g trans fat. Not too shabby!

Luckily, the Taquitos and the Bagel Bites both cook at 400 degrees, so I was able to throw them on a baking sheet together! Hooray for only using 1 baking sheet!

I packed our Delimex Taquitos and our Bagel Bites in foil so they'd stay nice and hot during the trip! I love this picture of her enjoying her snack because it looks like she was giving it a thumbs up!

My daughter and I both really love spending time at the park right after school. There's something relaxing about it, and it really helps her unwind after a day packed full of learning. I always ask her what she did that day and make sure everything is going well with her schoolwork, friends and teacher. I like her to be able to tell me anything; the good, the bad and the ugly. I think it's important that your kids feel comfortable talking to you about everything going on in their lives and it definitely makes a stronger bond between you and your children!

Post-snack fun! This is why the park makes the best place to enjoy a snack! The kids can run and play while burning off that insane amount of energy they have after they eat! Plus, it gives mom a chance to relax and maybe even read a book! It's a total win-win situation!

Make sure to print these coupons for Bagel Bites and Delimex!

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  1. What a great idea! I know that my son would love having a snack date in the park with me! #client


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