Monday, July 7, 2014

Have a #goodnightsnack and movie night with your family! #cbias

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One of my favorite things about our family is how much we love creating memories and having fun together. We are a family full of silly, goofy people that love to laugh and have a good time, whether it be outside playing in the yard, inside playing board games or even just watching a movie.

We also have one very important and special thing in common, and that is a love of cereal. When I was pregnant with my son, cereal is one of the things I wanted all. the. time. Morning, noon, night... it didn't matter when, I just wanted my bowl of cereal! My daughter shares my love for cereal and now my son is showing signs of becoming a cereal addict, too. Welcome to the club, son...

Whenever we head out to Walmart we always spend a good amount of time walking down the cereal aisle to see what pops out at us. But, it seems like no matter how long we spend there we usually end up going with our favorites: Frosted Flakes (my favorite!), fruit loops (son's and daughter's favorite!) and apple jacks (husband's favorite!)
It's always good to have a bunch of cereal boxes on hand because one of our new favorite activities as a family is making fun things out of cereal boxes.  We've made mailboxes, jewelry boxes and cars so far and for our next creation we've decided to create a cute little plane that can drop our cereal into our bowl for our Cereal Movie Night! 

The first thing we did was cut out a wing shape from the back of the box all the way to the sides of the box.

We folded them open, then we opened both ends of the cereal box. At one end we cut off the "tab," made a large hole where we could pour out our cereal and taped it. (Make sure to open the bag before taping it!) 

At the other end, we folded one of the flaps into a point and attached a propeller and taped the bottom piece  back into place. So cool!

Our plane delivering the cereal! 

Speaking of Planes, specially marked boxes of Kellogg's cereals have a special Planes Fire & Rescue coupon promotion! There are 5 different coupons on the box for Planes themed items, which is awesome because my son is obsessed with his little bowl that has Dusty from the movie Planes on it. (We are so going to pick some up later this week!) He loves eating his cereal out of it in the morning and he loves carrying it around and collecting his toys in it, too. Dual purpose! My daughter just loves the fact that she's old enough to use to a normal sized bowl which means more cereal for her. I swear she would live off the stuff if we let her. 

Enjoying his favorite night time treat!

Watching movies together and enjoying their last hour before bed.

What's your favorite Kellogg's cereal to snack on?


  1. I can totally eat cereal for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It's so addicting. The plane boxes are adorable. #client


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