Saturday, December 20, 2014

Last Minute Gift Idea for the Foodie in your life! (Mary's Secret Ingredients Winter 2014 Box Review)

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So... today i'm here to give you a great idea for a last minute gift idea for the foodie in your life! If you remember earlier this year I reviewed their spring box and went over some of the details behind Mary's Secret Ingredients. Each bos is priced at $25.95 and you can order them one at a time or you can order an entire year's subscription! Right now you can save $16 on a one year subscription by using the code "SWEET16" at checkout. Who wouldn't love to get a year's worth of delicious goodies delivered to their door as a gift? Let's take a look at some of the items from this season's box!

Okay, so... when I first opened the box I was really excited to see a wide variety of items that I had never tried! That's one of the things I love about these boxes... the element of surprise!

Red Snapper Hot Chili Pepper Sauce: First off... my hubby was extremely excited about this little gem. As soon as he saw it he said "I'm barbecuing oysters immediately."

PaperChef Lotus Cups: Next item were these adorable little parchment cups! I'm going to be using these to throw together some muffins for the fam this week! Honestly, I've never bought parchment cups for myself, but these are so adorable that I might have to reconsider.

Dutch Spirits American Era Cocktail Bitters: This was another one that got my hubby super excited! He swears he's going to whip up a bunch of drinks for us this Christmas using these. I love, love, love the packaging on these and the names!

Maddy’s Sweet Shop Lil’ Maddies Sweet Peppermint: Okay, so, this was probably my favorite thing (and my daughter's!) in the box! I'm a dessert freak and these light, airy little cookies with just a hint of peppermint and the perfect crunch really hit the spot. My hubby would have really liked these if I had actually given him a chance to try one...

SerendipiTea Once Upon a Tea and Holiday Cheer and Tea Infuser: Have I mentioned lately that I want to start getting into tea? It seems like everyone drinks tea and I want to be one of the cool kids, too! :) Let me just say that this tea is awesome! I'm a big fan of festive holida

Gran Luchito Smoked Chili Paste: This one excited both my hubby and I! I can already see all the delicious things I'm going to be making with this! Smoked chiles are kind of my thing...

Peeled Snacks Apple Aplenty Trail Mix: Oh... my... gosh! So good. I love a good trail mix and dark chocolate is one of my favorite things of all time, so this one is really the most perfect trail mix of all time! You could definitely make some delicious cookies with it... or, if you're like me, you'll just sit and devour the whole bag before you even think about baking with it...

Overall, everything in this basket either appealed to my hubby or I (or both of us!) and there wasn't anything that I thought "hmm... what in the world could I do with that?!" All the items are good quality items that are perfect for inspiring you in the kitchen and getting your creative juices flowing!

So, if you have someone in your family that you are still searching for the right present for, I would highly recommend ordering them a subscription (or even just one box!) to Mary's Secret Ingredients! They're bound to love (or know someone who will) every ingredient in the box. Just give it a try and see :)

Visit Mary’s Secret Ingredients and order yours today!

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