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Crispy Peanut Butter Cannoli with M&M's® Crispy

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So, I don't know if you've heard the news yet, but M&M's® Crispy is back! Do you remember them? I remember eating them when I was younger and loving the crunch, crunch, crunch of them! I love that they've made a comeback and love that my daughter is able to taste a little part of my childhood! 

Growing up I was a total chocoholic and M&M's® were always at the top of my list. What kid doesn't love eating colorful little pieces of heaven? Now that i'm older I realize that colorful, crispy little candies are just as awesome as they were back then! I guess you could say they're timeless.

Today I'm here to share with you a completely awesome recipe that you're going to want to make like... yesterday. If you're a fan of all things crispy then you're going to love these Crispy Peanut Butter Cannoli with M&M's® Crispy. There's a whole lotta crispy going on in these bad boys. But, the filling inside is so creamy and luscious that it just makes for the perfect bite.

The first step to making delicious cannoli is, of course, to go shopping for all your ingredients! I headed to my local Walmart to pick mine up...

The M&M's® Crispy can be purchased in larger bags in the candy section or at the cash registers in smaller bags! I just grabbed a couple of smaller bags this time because they were just right there begging to be purchased. How could I say no? They were so cute. Plus, they only have 180 calories per serving. Woot!

Okay, so the first real step of making cannoli is to make your dough and chill it for a couple of hours.

Then, you're going to want to roll it out until it's super thin... like, the thickness of a dime.Now you're going to want to cut out your shape. A lot of people cut them in ovals, but I used the rim of a margarita glass and stretched it a little as I wrapped them around the form...

Next, you roll the canoli dough around your handy dandy cannoli forms (molds, tubes, etc). Overlap the ends and seal them with a little egg white. 

Plop them into your oil, carefully... I guess plop really isn't the best descriptive word I could have used here... But, you get the gist of it. Remove from oil once they start to crisp up and turn golden brown. Set on some paper towels to drain and allow them to cool slightly, then, remove your tubes!

Once you've fried up all your shells you can whip up your filling... A little ricotta, vanilla, whipped cream and powdered sugar...

Before you fill them, dip the ends in a little dark chocolate (you know, just because you can...) and allow them to harden. 

Now, take your M&M's® Crispy and smash them up. Don't smash them too much, or you won't have the pretty colors... you'll just have a big chocolatey mess.

Fill, and sprinkle some crushed up M&M's® Crispy on the ends to create a beautifully colorful treat that almost no one will be able to resist. 

How pretty are these? And how delicious do they look? And yes... I DID overfill them... but only because the filling is the most delicious thing i've ever tasted... Sorry, but i'm not sorry...

See more great M&M's® Crispy recipe and party ideas on the M&M's® Crispy social hub.

So, tell me, what is YOUR favorite way to bake with M&M's®?


Crispy Peanut Butter Cannoli with M&M's® Crispy:
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1-1/2 cups flour
3 tablespoons white sugar
2 eggs
2 tablespoons creamy peanut butter
2 tablespoons distilled white vinegar
1/4 teaspoon cinnamon
1/4 teaspoon salt

For the filling:

8 ounces ricotta cheese
3/4 cup powdered sugar
1/2 teaspoon vanilla
1/2 cup whipping cream
1 (2.83 ounce) package M&M's® Crispy

1 cup semisweet chocolate chips

Oil for frying


Place flour, sugar, eggs, peanut butter, vinegar, cinnamon and salt into stand mixer fitted with hook attachment. Place on medium speed and allow dough to mix for about 9 minutes. Dough should come together, but if it's still sticky, add a little flour and knead with your hands on a flat surface for a minute. Wrap dough in plastic wrap and chill in refrigerator for about an hour.

Remove dough from refrigerator and place on a lightly floured surface. Roll dough out using rolling pin to about 1/8" thickness. Use a 5" oval template or the top of a margarita glass to cut out shapes from your dough. Wrap the dough around your cannoli tubes, overlap slightly and seal with a little brushed on egg white.

Place dough in 350 degree oil and fry for about 2-3 minutes, or until a light golden brown. Remove from oil and place on paper towels to drain. Allow to cool slightly, then remove your tubes. Repeat with remaining dough.

To make your filling, mix together ricotta, vanilla and powdered sugar in a medium mixing bowl. Whip the whipping cream using a mixer until stiff peaks form, then, fold into ricotta mixture. Place in fridge.

Once your cannoli shells are cool, melt your chocolate in a microwave-safe mug, dip the ends of the shells into it and place on parchment paper to harden.

Place cannoli filling into a pastry bag or ziptop bag and pipe into shells.

Sprinkle ends with crushed M&M's® Crispy and serve immediately. (Shells will become soggy if you wait longer than an hour to eat! So, don't wait!)

Makes 10 cannoli.


  1. I have never made cannolis like this! They turned out looking beautiful and I bet they taste amazing! #client

  2. These look wonderful! Wish I had one tonight :)


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